Looking for love? Try using a Google Doc!

Looking for love? Try using a Google Doc!

Forget Tinder! What the key to finding your soulmate could be found in Google Drive? Ready for a first date in the cloud?

THERE was the generation that turned to dating sites such as Meetic, Tinder and Bumble. But now, some singles are tempted by a much more public and original way of finding love: Google Docs.

The Google tool seems to have found a new use, according to Wired, which reports the experience of Chris Olah, a 29-year-old man who tried out this alternative approach to dating: “Recently, I’ve seen several people experiment with public ‘date me’ [Google] docs – I think this is a really interesting experiment in alternatives, enabling long-from, earnest dating profiles.”

The longer, the better?

A more earnest approach. That’s the argument most often cited by people who have road-tested this technique. Indeed, the Google Docs format allows you to detail the nature of your search at length, with no restrictions.

Chris Olah took the opportunity to share his own Google Doc featuring a particularly comprehensive profile, consisting of four chapters and 15 subcategories. Covering the reasons for dating him, his flaws – which he readily admits – the reasons that make him a good partner, and his reasons for looking for his significant other, his and other ‘Date Me’ Google Docs can typically be quite long.

However, long formats are not strictly necessary. Some, like Jacob Falkovich, propose a simple form for users to fill out via his blog, allowing them to request to meet him – a function again accessible via a Google e-mail account. This time, there’s no information about his preferences, his tastes, his qualities and his flaws, but a simple question/answer format. In addition to requesting a date, Jacob has also created a form for requesting a Platonic hang-out.

Others, like therapist Damon Pourtahmaseb-Sasi, even go as far as sharing testimonials from ex-partners as a token of good faith, in addition to setting up a form on his blog. This seemingly offers a means of showing his seriousness while also reassuring potentially interested parties.

To reach more potential targets, users of ‘date me’ Google Docs share their links on their social media accounts. This was the case for Catherine Olsson, a colleague of Chris Olah, who added her link to her Twitter bio before ultimately taking a break from looking for love, reports Wired.

The success of this new trend has yet to be established. According to some testers, such as Catherine Olsson, these Google Docs for dating could actually be better for putting friends and connections in contact with the different profiles. And while the idea appeals, few still dare to respond seriously to this new breed of dating ads.

source – The Vibes


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