Local filmmakers pay cinemas 50% to play their movies – is that too much?

Local filmmakers pay cinemas 50% to play their movies – is that too much?

Exhibitors and producers find themselves on opposite sides, in a debate sparked by the success of Mat Kilau

RECENTLY, to the amazement of netizens, actor and producer Asmawi Ani (Mawi) revealed the truth of the percentage amount that producers have to pay for film screenings on each cinema exhibitors.

Not only that, if the producer wants to extend the screening period, or how long their movie is in the cinemas, they have to agree to giving the exhibitors an even higher percentage.

The question is, is 50% the right amount to be given to exhibitors? Or is the figure too large to be borne by local producers, who often do not have the large capital required to make a film?

Review payment charges to exhibitors

President of the Association of Malaysian Artists (Seniman), Zed Zaidi thinks the percentage of payment given to exhibitors should be reduced to ensure that local producers are not required to pay such large amounts.

“In my opinion, the amount of 50% payment to the cinema needs to be reviewed because the amount is quite large. It is not fair to the publishers while the ‘tycoon’ above is happy to make a profit.”

“That is not to mention the hidden charges by the exhibitors that will increase if the screening time is extended. That’s why our local films can’t survive.

“Since the exhibitors will be dealing with the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) to obtain a licence, I think Finas can intervene on this issue.

“What are their actions against exhibitors who impose high charges on our film producers?” he asks.

Datuk Freddie Fernandez from Persatuan Karyawan Malaysia (Karyawan) also agreed with the proposal, feeling that exhibitors should reduce the percentage charge as they did not have to bear the cost of losses that film producers had to face.

“I also think that the total percentage given by the exhibitors should be reviewed. 50% is actually too much while they only bear the operating costs.

“If it can be reduced, it will give an advantage to our local artists to produce and screen their films in cinemas,” he added.

Earlier, when the hit film Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan recorded encouraging box office figures every day, producer and actor Asmawi Ani revealed the percentage of charges that have to be paid by local producers if they want to screen a film on cinema screens.

source – The Vibes


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