Local actress Moon Nila wants to change female stereotypes in films

Local actress Moon Nila wants to change female stereotypes in films

The actress hopes to change the notion that women can only excel in the film industry by wearing revealing clothes or acting in intimate scenes

KUALA LUMPUR – Local actress Moon Nila, who has been recognised in the Malaysia Book of Records for playing the ‘most number of roles in a single drama series’, aims to inspire young aspiring actors by showing them that they need not take on sultry or sensual roles to succeed in the film industry.

The Malacca-born former nurse, who goes by her real name, believes that while female objectification and sexualisation still exists in the industry, women who hold strong to their values and modesty can still go far through dedication, hardwork and dignity.

“Throughout my film career I have never acted by wearing revealing clothes or engaging in any intimate scenes. I hold on to my conservative values inculcated by my mother. So, I strongly believe that women with dignity too can excel in the film industry provided that they have the dedication and work hard to come up in life,” she told Bernama.

Moon Nila, 33, was accredited with a local thriller series titled Iraivi Thirumagal Kaadu, where she played the character role of an old lady, fortune teller, rich lady, herbalist, demented girl, doctor, book seller, teenage girl and goddess.

Moon Nila dedicated the award to her late mother, who had guided her since childhood, and other women who are making progress in the film industry with dignity.

“I hope that this award can serve as a catalyst to help the local entertainment industry achieve world standards and help get women out of the stereotype roles,” she said, adding that countries like India have carried an article on her recognition.

Iraivi Thirumagal Kaadu, a 22-episode fictional suspense drama directed by filmmaker SD Puvendran, was aired in Astro Vinmeen HD on March 3.

She was given the award at a ceremony held on July 20 at the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas) headquarters in Ulu Klang, Selangor.

On her future projects, Moon Nila said she had committed to act in an upcoming 44-episode local serial, besides being approached by producers in Singapore to act in a series.

She also wants to experiment with different roles in the film industry by acting in a ‘Dasi’ role one day.

On another note, the actress described her new venture titled Senthozhan Sengkathirvaanan, released on July 28 in 65 theatres nationwide, as a major breakthrough in her career.

Helmed by Govind Singh, the psychological thriller flick sees Kash Villanz, Moon Nila, Shamini, Cellina Jay and Chandinie Kaur playing in pivotal roles.

source – Bernama


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