Local 12-Year-Old Singer Ella Jayne’s Reel Goes Viral – 3 Million Views in Days

Local 12-Year-Old Singer Ella Jayne’s Reel Goes Viral – 3 Million Views in Days

ST. LOUIS, April 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ella Jayne now knows what it means to “go viral”! More than 2,500,000 million newfound fans have viewed, commented, and liked this 12-year old singing phenomenon’s Instagram reel in a matter of days. The popularity has unexpectedly pushed her into the world’s spotlight.

The mash-up was a one-time take with another popular music account, @omfgvoice1, made purely for her joy of singing, so her family was utterly taken back by the social media attention. Her father said the support is overwhelming and a blessing; people are messaging her daily about collaborating.

When Ella Jayne began to see her video gain views, likes, and comments, she was shocked. “I was kinda just like, Woah, that’s insane,” she said, “Not only that, but it was the video I was thinking about deleting because I didn’t really like it. It just goes to show that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

Although her Instagram has received much attention, Ella Jayne remembers not to let the viral craze go to her head. At the age of 12, she recognizes refining her gift is a lifelong dedication and is always looking to advance her skills, technique, and feel.

Of course, none of this would have happened without her faith, her family’s support, her vocal coach, Amy Dagenais at Mozingo Music, and her music mentors Stephan Calvert and Don Williams. Ella Jayne said, “Honestly, it’s not about what I have done; it’s what others are doing for me,” and she feels blessed to have a remarkable team of people that love and support her.

Ella Jayne has also become popular amongst local crowds for her unique renditions of songs made famous by Janice Joplin, Adele, Tracy Chapman, and CCR. You can find her singing several times a month with seasoned bands like Calvert & Williams and Darren Hanks & Ed Callison at wineries, restaurants, and other happenings in the St. Louis area.

What’s next? Rumor has it she will be heading into the recording studio soon. Watch her social media channels for official announcements.

You can view the reel on Instagram @EllaJayneMusic.

Born in O’Fallon, Missouri, in 2008, Ella Jayne started performing live when she was eight years old. Follow Ella Jayne on Facebook at Ella Jayne Music or on Instagram @EllaJayneMusic. Check out her upcoming performances on her Facebook Events page.

SOURCE Ella Jayne Music

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