Liza Hanim, 5 children, COVID-19 positive mother

Liza Hanim, 5 children, COVID-19 positive mother

FAMOUS SINGER, Liza Hanim and her five children and mother are positive for COVID-19 and are undergoing quarantine at home.

Liza said she accepted what was destined and considered it a test from God for them as a family.

Liza said the infection was suspected to be caused by other family members who came to visit her third child to be circumcised.

“Thank God, we are all okay and are being quarantined at home. So far there are no severe symptoms.

“Fortunately, there is a husband who manages us all. He was the only one who was negative after the smear test. Whatever I consider this as a test and subside, “he said.

Liza added that she also experienced symptoms such as loss of sense of taste and smell as well as fever.

“I experienced symptoms of loss of sense of taste and smell as well as fever onn off. Coughs and colds too. The same goes for children.

“Only the youngest child and mother alone do not have severe symptoms,” he said.

Earlier, Liza shared about the sad news about herself and the COVID-19 positive family via the social site Instagram.

“Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. What is feared happened. I am part of the statictics now ( I am part of the statistics now).

“I would like to pray for you, your mother and the five children to recover from COVID-19. Alhamdulillah we were chosen to receive the test of Allah. Hopefully we are strong, “he wrote.


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