Living Opera Releases “Glory Streams” – The World’s First Opera NFT Collection

Living Opera Releases “Glory Streams” – The World’s First Opera NFT Collection

WASHINGTON, Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Living Opera announced today the release of “Glory Streams” – the first opera non-fungible token (NFT) collection – on OpenSea, containing digital animations and singing by international opera singers Soula Parassidis and Norman Reinhardt. Inspired by the lyric, “Glory streams from heaven above,” these animations complement the all-new orchestral arrangement of the classic carol.

The audio of Silent Night (opera version) is also available on iTunes and Spotify, and more.

“After the past two years of trials, we wanted to create something uplifting, but not just another unrelatable opera recording. We are really happy with the result – it’s almost a mashup of opera, Disney, and some Josh Groban/Andrea Bocelli, all working together and retaining the integrity of the operatic sound,” said Soula Parassidis, CEO and co-founder of Living Opera.

The operatic sound is fundamentally unique compared to other types of singing. While many people hold the viewpoint that opera is stuffy or boring, Parassidis disagrees, remarking, “Opera is the most exciting form of human expression, including every kind of artistic medium available to people, from dance to visual art, to design, to acting and beyond. It is a total art form with something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. We believe this track and the full album coming in 2022 will help our art form reach new audiences that wouldn’t otherwise engage with opera.”

The collection contains digital art animations of the stars and one digital animation of the Nativity, coupled with the Silent Night audio. Buyers will have the opportunity to vote on the full track list and get early access to the virtual reality integration in the 2022 Christmas Album. Moreover, the buyer of the Nativity NFT will also receive an exclusive live performance, together with five friends of their choosing. “By minting the first opera NFT on OpenSea, we are showcasing to the world that the fine arts are ready to embrace technology, reaching new audiences and delivering even more meaningful and life-transforming experiences,” said Dr. Christos Makridis, CTO for Living Opera.

“We believe each person has the right to empowerment and self-actualization, that’s the underlying message of Living Opera. We want to provide our supporters the opportunity to journey with us and help us create the kind of culture we want to live in both on and offstage,” said Parassidis.

-Living Opera

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