Lisa Blackpink positive for COVID-19

Lisa Blackpink positive for COVID-19

Famous K-pop STAR, Lisa Blackpink on Wednesday confirmed positive for COVID-19.

Production company YG Entertainment when announcing the matter said three other members – Rose, Jennie and Jisoo – were awaiting the results of their polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, Yonhap portal reported .

The three of them are not listed as Lisa’s close contacts.

“Lisa BLACKPINK was diagnosed with COVID-19 this afternoon (November 24).

“The other three BLACKPINK members have not yet been classified as close contacts, but they immediately took PCR tests after hearing Lisa’s positive COVID-19 results, and they are awaiting results.

“We promptly share this information quickly and accurately to representatives and staff, and we take appropriate precautions beyond health authority guidelines.

“We are not giving up and will continue to give full support to the health of our artists and related staff as a priority.

“We will notify you again immediately if there are any changes,” YG Entertainment wrote in the statement.

Lisa became infected just a few months after the Thai -born artist with real name Lalisa Manoban released her solo single LALISA.

The music video garnered 73 million views on YouTube within 24 hours of release, breaking the last record for solo artist made by American singer Taylor Swift.

With more than 60 million followers, Lisa is the most popular K-pop star on Instagram.

COVID-19 infections and critical cases in South Korea soared to record highs on Wednesday when the country earlier this month switched to a “living with COVID-19” plan aimed at lifting sanctions rules and reopening operations after achieving vaccination goals last month.

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