LIGHTSUM unveil captivating music video for ‘Vivace’

LIGHTSUM unveil captivating music video for ‘Vivace’

It’s the title track of their new single album ‘Light A Wish’

Rookie K-pop girl group LIGHTSUM have returned with a music video for their new single ‘Vivace’.

The synth-heavy dance pop song is the title track of the group’s sophomore single album ‘Light A Wish’, which also features the B-sides ‘You, Jam’ and ‘Popcorn’. The release follows their debut single album ‘Vanilla’, which dropped in June.

The octet features three members who were originally contestants on the 2018 Mnet reality TV competition Produce 48 – namely Chowon, Nayoung, and Yujeong – as well as The Unit participant Juhyeon.

LIGHTSUM are the latest K-pop girl group to be formed by CUBE Entertainment, following CLC in 2015 and (G)I-DLE in 2018. CUBE is also known as the home of South Korean acts such as BtoB and PENTAGON.

‘Vanilla’ was awarded four stars in a review by NME’s Rhian Daly, who described the single as “incredibly fun and does exactly what LIGHTSUM have said they want to do – spread positive energy”.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, the group had also discussed their larger purpose as idols. In particular, LIGHTSUM’s leader Juhyeon brought up the responsibility the group now carry as public figures.

“As an idol, I’m aware that everything I say can be influential,” she explained. “Which is why I want to study and learn more about the world, so I say the right thing, the good thing.”

-Puah Ziwei

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