Licensed accommodation premises must be registered as a PPP under MOTAC

Licensed accommodation premises must be registered as a PPP under MOTAC

PUTRAJAYA: Operators of accommodation premises licensed under the local authority (PBT) need to register as Tourist Accommodation Premises (PPP) under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC).

MOTAC in a statement today informed that registration under the ministry is mandatory as stipulated in the Tourism Industry Act 1992 (Act 482).

According to MOTAC, it aims to control the increasing number of residential houses that are converted into inns or homestays in addition to allowing entrepreneurs to comply with the conditions imposed and avoid any complaints from consumers.

“This implementation also aims to prevent tourist accommodation premises from being used as transit points for criminals as they do not have any information on the entry and exit of tourists like hotels,” according to the statement.

Based on statistics, only 4,771 premises have been registered as PPP while there are still many licensed and operating accommodation premises throughout the country that have not yet applied for registration under MOTAC.

“MOTAC encourages all accommodation premises to register before any enforcement action is taken in the future. Registration can be done online through the Tourism Licensing and Enforcement System (TOURLIST) at / ,” according to the statement.

According to MOTAC, accommodation premises that have been registered as PPP and meet the grading requirements are asked to submit a grading application to the concerned State MOTAC Office.

Various incentives can be enjoyed by premises that have been graded by MOTAC, including the recruitment of trade officers or foreign workers, tax incentives, financial assistance from the government and assistance in promoting the premises either domestically or abroad.

PPP registration guidelines, PPP grading and criteria can be consulted at .

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