Lewis Hamilton confirmed teaming up with Brad Pitt for the F1 film

Lewis Hamilton confirmed teaming up with Brad Pitt for the F1 film

LEWIS HAMILTON confirmed he is currently in the making of a Formula One (F1) film with actor Brad Pitt.

It was reported this week that seven -time F1 world champion Hamilton has taken on the role of producer in a film starring Hollywood legend Pitt, for Apple TV+.

Hamilton said he enjoyed the opportunity to work on such an alternative project.

He said during a press conference ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix: “It’s a very good project and we’re already working on the script.“ I got a lot involved in the script, which was fun, and spent a good time with Brad, which was very epic … and really- true of my responsibilities and something I took on was just to make sure the actors and crew in the background were diverse – something I mentioned in the beginning.

“It’s very difficult, if you look at all the racing movies, you can’t necessarily say all the racing movies that have been shown in the past are great and that’s something we want to change.

“It’s really about showing how great this sport is to people who have never watched it and also making sure that we maintain the real heritage and the real racing spirit in the film and in the script, so that’s part of my role.”

source – Astro Arena


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