Let’s enliven the Iftar Ala Madinah Program@Karangkraf

Let’s enliven the Iftar Ala Madinah Program@Karangkraf

SHAH ALAM: The Iftar Ala Madinah@Karangkraf program gives people the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of breaking fast like being at the Prophet’s Mosque before Ramadan this year.

The program under the auspices of Sinar Harian with Karya Bestari dan Warisan Ummah Ikhlas (WUIF) was held from April 4 to May 2 at Dataran Karangkraf, Shah Alam.

Project Leader, Firdaus Hussamuddin said, the implementation of the program aims to provide opportunities especially to those who need to come to break their fast at Dataran Karangkraf for free for 29 days.

According to him, many parties were affected, especially in terms of income following the spread of COVID-19 until some were fired, plus the cost of living and rising food prices at this time.

“At the same time, we also encourage those with families to come to break their fast here and they can also bring their own food to share with us and the public.

“If possible, we want them to sit as a family, but those who come alone or with friends, will be separated according to Muslim men and women.

“The important thing is that we want to re -create the atmosphere of breaking the fast in the style of Madinah and Mecca, for those who miss the joy and atmosphere of Ramadan itself, so we bring this concept,” he told Sinar Harian on Tuesday.

Firdaus, who is also the Chief Operating Officer of the Karangkraf Book Group, said that the interesting thing about this program is that the public will be served with tazkirah near the mosque while waiting for the breaking of fast.

“In addition, there are some of our imams from Karya Bestari and WUIF who will take turns every day to recite tazkirah and lead maghrib and terawih prayers throughout the program,” he said.

Meanwhile, he also welcomed any non-governmental organizations (NGOs), corporate bodies and individuals who wish to donate together to help those who are in need.

“We also encourage other parties who want to join us to give infaq food, goods or in the form of cash can channel contributions through SINAR KARANGKRAF SDN BHD account 564276 529068 (Maybank),” he explained.

Firdaus also invited any individual who wants to volunteer to run the program can do so by contacting the secretariat at 0192133315.

“People who want to participate in the Madinah -style breaking of fast program need to confirm their attendance at 10 am the day before on the same line,” he said.

source – Sinar Harian


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