Legendary comedian group Senario returns with ‘Jaga-Jaga Senariounion’

Legendary comedian group Senario returns with ‘Jaga-Jaga Senariounion’

AFTER being ‘presented’ with various ‘ teasers ’, the homeland comedy group otai, Senario finally came up with the film “Jaga-Jaga Senariounion”.

The reappearance of Senario members who gathered for the first time the duo of Azlee, Saiful Apek, Wahid, Yassin, Hamdan and Illya is indeed awaited and will cure longing for fans and spectators.

The movie “Jaga-Jaga Senariounion” which highlights this comedy genre will find viewers at Your Home Cinema, Astro First, channel 480 starting April 21.

Interestingly, it showcases fresh comedy and comedy by this otai group, yet at the same time still retains the identity of Senario.

Not only that, this film directed by Aziz M Osman also brings back the faces that used to color previous Senario films, such as Syanie Hisham, Mas Said, Badrolshah, Bobby Kiran as well as new actors, Amm Raja Lawak and Nur Farisha Amira.

The storytelling and plot journey of this film raises a subject that is very close to the community which is the wedding feast.

The story begins on the day of the wedding of Dato Hamdan and Azlee’s son, where Dato Hamdan’s family was robbed on the way to his future home.

Strangely, the robbers only robbed the delivery items.

Upon arrival at the bride’s house, every single one of them regardless of the groom’s or bride’s family was suspected of planning to sabotage the ceremony.

It all became a puzzle.

According to the Producer and as the Director of Jaga-Jaga Senariounion, Aziz M Osman, his credibility as a director is also strengthened through the films Senario.

“So Senario has become a part of my career and life. I believe many grew up with comedy and sitcom starring Senario and there are definitely some who miss it.

“When many people asked and asked for the reappearance of this group with the presence of all members, so me and the producer did not hesitate to plan to produce the film Senario.

“Jaga-Jaga Senariounion is the latest product from Senario for its fans.

“As for the directing angle, there weren’t many big challenges to go through, but what’s special about it when it was on set, it all felt like it used to be.

“Make an audience of a new generation, watch this film and get to know a group of ‘legendary’ comedians who once watched the atmosphere.

“I promise the latest ‘wow’ and comedy elements through ‘Jaga-Jaga Senariounion’,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Vice President, Perniagaan Melayu Nusantara & Head of Astro Shaw, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad said, Astro is well known for its programs to dig out and highlight the talents of comedians in Malaysia.

“In line with that, we feel very honored to be able to bring a film that raises the group of comedians from the country on the Astro First platform.

“More interestingly, this film is their reappearance after more than 11 years and added special for the first time gathering almost all its members.

“We believe that the presence of ‘Jaga-Jaga Senariounion’ is able to restore its own nostalgia among the fans and spectators.

“So we hope the audience can be entertained and laugh with this comedy film with their loved ones and friends,” he said.

You can subscribe and watch ‘Jaga-Jaga Senariounion’ At Your Home Cinema, Astro First starting April 21, 2022.

To subscribe please go to channel 480 or you can also stream on Astro Go or On Demand.

For only RM15, you can watch for 48 hours (two days) over and over again.

Follow interesting info and clips about this movie through Astro Shaw and Astro Gempak’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter accounts.

source – Gempak


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