Learning problems do not stop disabled teenagers from shining on stage

Learning problems do not stop disabled teenagers from shining on stage

PETALING JAYA: Seeing her agility performing the Indian classical dance Bharatanatyam solo on stage, no one would have thought that the teenager was a student with learning disabilities (OKU).

Started learning the dance moves four years ago from his mother and YouTube, M. Neranjan who is now 17 years old proves that his talent is no different from other teenagers.

Despite having a learning disability, it only took this teenager two weeks to remember the steps of the classic dance.

“I have been interested in dancing for a long time but I used to be shy to dance in front of people because I was afraid of being laughed at and laughed at.

“But my teachers and mother always supported me until I finally dared to dance in front of the crowd on Deepavali last year and now I don’t care about other people’s opinions anymore,” he told Bernama when met after the successful ILHAM 2022 Concert here on Monday.

Neranjan is among more than 10 talented stage performers among the disabled who successfully staged a two-day concert held at 3pm and 8pm today at Stage 1 Theatre, Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Center (PJPAC), Pusat Beli-Belah 1 Utama.

The student of the Special Integration Education Program (PPKI) at Desa Perdana National Secondary School said the activity indirectly also increased their self-confidence and creativity.

In addition to classical Indian dance, Neranjan also participated in traditional Malay dance groups and is proficient in Balinese dance moves.

He who is also interested in painting also has the desire to become a professional dancer one day.


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