Learn To Play the Ukulele with Yousician in 10 New Languages

Learn To Play the Ukulele with Yousician in 10 New Languages

NEW YORK, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ukulele by Yousician is delighted to announce that users are now able to learn and play in one of the all-new 10 languages: Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian and Dutch.

In addition to the 11 languages currently available on the platform, Yousician plans to continue to expand its language offering in the future so that more people can play the music they love on ukulele, making it the most globally accessible music learning resource of all time.

Yousician’s Ukulele interactive learning experience features proprietary technology that listens to users as they play and provides real time feedback. This means anyone can learn to play, no matter their skill level – and now will able to learn to play in all new languages.

Ukulele app users will also have access to our Spotlight course series featuring two-time GRAMMY-Award winning singer-songwriter Jason Mraz. Mraz’s ability to make even the most complex ukulele parts easy makes him the perfect artist to lead this innovative series. Users can learn and play Jason’s most popular songs, with tips, tricks and inspirational stories straight from the artist himself! Spotlight courses are like a masterclass, but we actually provide a structured learning path for users to learn and play directly after viewing his course.

Ukulele is an app that makes learning to play the ukulele fun and easy, no matter your skill level. Launched by the #1 music learning platform, Ukulele by Yousician is the globally-loved learning experience, now reimagined for ukulele. In the new standalone app, enjoy an immersive and fully-tailored learning experience designed for ukulele players.

Learn ukulele at your own pace

Progress with step-by-step, interactive lessons, exercises, and video tutorials. Follow your learning path created by real music teachers.

Improve with instant feedback

Play your ukulele while the app listens to you play and gives real-time feedback on your accuracy and timing. Earn rewards, beat high scores, and level up as you learn new skills.

Play the songs you love

Explore thousands of popular songs by your favorite artists, all arranged for ukulele. Pop, folk, and everything in between, you’ll find the music you love most. Learn songs together with Grammy award-winning Jason Mraz in the new Spotlight course—only on Yousician.


Ukulele by Yousician is available for download on iOS and Android devices. Start learning for free with Premium and Premium+ subscriptions available in-app and at localized price points. Upgrade to Premium+ to unlock the full ukulele learning experience, and get full access to all instruments on Yousician and Piano by Yousician apps. Plans start from US$29.99/month or US$139.99/year.

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