LD Systems ZONE X Hybrid DSP Matrix Processors Available Now

LD Systems ZONE X Hybrid DSP Matrix Processors Available Now

The brains of your installation – LD Systems initially unveiled its new ZONE X series of DSP Matrix processors for use in mounted audio installations in 2020. The 19” processors are based on a hybrid architecture and allow users to load DSP templates in order to adapt the Matrix to varying installation requirements – without reconfiguration or rewiring. With its twelve analog inputs and eight analog outputs, the models are suitable for a wide range of audio and sound applications – from the simple switching of microphones and loudspeaker groups to complex multi-room installations with modern DSP processing and calendar-controlled routing in schools, hotels, and more. In addition to the ZONE X 1208, which features analog inputs and outputs and an Ethernet control interface, the ZONE X 1208 D also offers 64 x 64 Dante channels for the seamless integration of audio-over-IP.

The ZONE X 1208 and ZONE X 1208 D hybrid architecture DSP Matrix processors offer integrators and end users a wide range of remote control options and allow DSP templates to be loaded for a range of various installation requirements. Templates are selected and operated via the universal Xilica Designer control software. In combination with the integrated event scheduler (planner), calendar-specific workflows can be created to automatically change presets.

As a flexible signal matrix, the ZONE X 1208 and ZONE X 1208 D each have twelve balanced microphone/line inputs with high-quality microphone preamps that include 48 V phantom power per channel, eight balanced line outputs, and 8 GPI and 8 GPO logic ports. The integrated Ethernet interface makes it possible to connect to Xilica Designer software. The ZONE X series also features a remote bus for the seamless integration of wall panels and paging microphones from LD Systems. Dedicated remote control applications for iOS and Android are also available for customizing the software’s user interface.

The ZONE X 1208 and ZONE X 1208 D hybrid DSP Matrix processors are available now.

More information:
LD Systems ZONE X Series: ld-systems.com/ZONE-X-Series

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