Launch of BUL, an independent and committed podcast production studio

Launch of BUL, an independent and committed podcast production studio

Launch of BUL, an independent and committed podcast production studio dedicated to influencers, opinion leaders and brands

PARIS , Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Myriam Ouni , creator of the Influence Corner podcast and Lisa Omara , podcast expert and founder of the PYAR agency, announce the launch of BUL , their brand new podcast production studio dedicated to support for influencers, opinion leaders and brands. The studio will produce committed, inclusive podcasts whose mission will be to tell the story of today’s society while giving voice to those concerned.

Podcasts that address societal themes

Faced with the acceleration of podcasts carried by influencers (Léna Situations, Anna RVR etc.) and opinion leaders, BUL is dedicating specialized support to influencers to support them in the creation and production of their podcasts. A special feature: adopting a committed and societal editorial line that adapts to the podcast format. Thanks to influencers and brands, the founders aim to introduce and democratize podcast listening to new audiences.

Organized into 3 verticals, BUL also produces podcasts for brands with a committed editorial line. The idea is to create new stories and bring brands to societal and inclusive topics treated through the podcast medium. A new form of communication and brand content that is becoming essential today to create brand preference.

Marked by this DNA of freedom, BUL is above all an independent studio which also creates its own productions. Coming in 2023, podcasts in interview format, documentaries, narrative and intimate stories, engaged true crime or even fiction podcasts.

BUL Studio’s upcoming podcast projects in 2023

After a first successful production Influence Corner x ARPP which gave the floor to 8 content creators on responsible influence, BUL continues its momentum by launching, next January, a podcast on the theme of responsible influence on the brand side, carried by Influence Corner, a pioneering podcast from BUL Studio.

Among the other projects:

A podcast with a “skincare” influencer on committed beauty
A podcast on committed cinema already in production, which will take listeners behind the scenes of a film shoot in Champigny-sur-Marne and tell the behind the scenes of a feature film in the suburbs.
Myriam Ouni & Lisa Omara , co-founders of BUL Studio:

“Through this studio, our ambition is to produce podcasts that touch on current societal issues and to free speech on subjects that are very little covered by traditional media. This is our way of contributing to the development of podcasts. , this medium that is so close to our hearts”.

About BUL Studio

Founded in 2022, BUL is an independent podcast production studio created by Myriam Ouni and Lisa Omara . Driven by strong values ​​of commitment, diversity and inclusiveness BUL Studio was created as a continuation of the communication activities carried out by the founders.

Lisa Omara
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