Launch new look, M-150 appointed Hasif Upin as ambassador

Launch new look, M-150 appointed Hasif Upin as ambassador

RECENTLY, the M-150 energy drink distribution company Infra Bunga Sdn Bhd (Infra Bunga) launched a new look for the drink replacing the square bottle that has been used for the past 20 years.

Through the new phase after the COVID-19 pandemic, Infra Bunga is confident that it can attract more M-150 fans and be able to compete in the energy drink market in Malaysia.

This caffeinated and non-carbonated M-150 energy drink supplies energy to the whole body and refreshes the mind.

Coming in a delicious citrus and sweet flavor, M-150 helps increase physical endurance, increase alertness and works to relieve fatigue.

Its Managing Director, Saw Lip Jin, said, M-150 is a lifestyle drink that is suitable to be enjoyed at any occasion and at any time.

“After a busy day with various activities, M-150 is the best choice to restore the body’s freshness. It is also easy to carry anywhere.

“The drink from Thailand has been on the Malaysian market since 2016. A unique combination of original ingredients and high quality formulation, M-150 offers the best taste and benefits and is good to drink cold,” he said.

Lip Jin added, to those who drive on long trips, make the M-150 your companion.

With only 155 calories in each 150ml bottle, M-150 is a lifestyle drink suitable for the target group of consumers aged between 18 and 40 years.

Quality products from Thailand that are exclusively marketed by Infra Bunga are available at over 14,000 touch points that include online shopping sites, self-service machines, grocery stores and convenience stores nationwide.

Guide M-150

Wanting to position M-150 as the energy drink of choice for many, Infra Bunga appointed the famous Malaysian Tiktoker, Muhamad Hasif Sharauddin as an ambassador.

He who is also known as Hasif Upin or Abang Upin Ipin is the ‘Top 3’ of Malaysian tiktokers who have 2.6 million followers including followers from Indonesia.

According to Lip Jin, Hasif’s appointment coincides with his wish for M-150 drink to be better known, especially among young people.

“Hopefully with this inauguration, Hasif can help increase sales of the M-150 again and attract new customers among his followers.

“We chose Hadif Ketan, he is an active and always positive person in life, Muhamad Hasif deserves to be appointed as the ‘face’ of M-150,” he said.

Hasif is getting more popular

If before, the name Hasif Upin, 29, is better known as Abang Upin Ipin on TikTok, now this native of Kota Tinggi, Johor is stepping further in the art industry as a singer.

Appearing with the debut single titled Janji Sampai Mati created by Aizat Amdan and Anas Amdan, Hasif never thought that his luck would be in the field of music.

“Thank God, after participating in The Audition organized by Armani Entertainment Group, I received a ‘superstar pass’ from the famous director Michael Ang and was immediately absorbed as a singer.

Having more than 2.6 million followers on TikTok, Hasif also considers the platform a boon for him.

“It all started with a parody video of Upin Ipin that I produced after Ramadan sahur last year and did not think it would go viral,” he said.

Almost all videos produced steal the attention of netizens until the virus penetrates the country of Indonesia and he currently has 2.6 million followers on his TikTok account.

Sharing about the song Janji Sampai Mati, Hasif said, it tells about the love between two people that continues until the end of life.

source – wilayahku

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