Langkawi Writers’ Festival brings together local and international writers

Langkawi Writers’ Festival brings together local and international writers

FOR the first time ever, a big event involving many famous writers will take place on Langkawi Island from September 1 to 4.

Langkawi Writers’ Festival will bring local and international writers, economists, poets, journalists and intellectuals.

According to the director of this festival, Morne Hashim, everyone involved will explore ideas together, share stories and spark conversation topics.

“We celebrate intellectual curiosity and adventure. Our program is driven by the desire to spark ideas, to get us talking and give us time and space to engage with the world,” she said .

The four-day program will be filled with forums, film shows, children’s theater presentations, work talks, film talks and poetry nights.

Among the panel involved is the 10th National Literary, Dato Dr. Anwar Ridhwan, Chief Executive Officer of LADA, Tuan Haji Nasaruddin; President Pena, Dr. Saleeh Rahamad, U-Wei Haji Saari, Sabri Yunus, Mohd Shah Ibrahim, Zainal Rashid Ahmad and several other names.

While the guest writer Eka Kurniawan was also brought in from Jakarta and Robert Yeo from Singapore.

Langkawi Writers’ Festival will take place at Kota Mahsuri Art Gallery organized by Morne Art Gallery with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Langkawi Development Authority, Langkawi National Art Gallery, John Beaufoy.

source – Irwan Muhammad Zain

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