Lakewood Guitars Announce Edition Series 2022

Lakewood Guitars Announce Edition Series 2022

For this year, Lakewood have again come up with a very nice new Edition Series with 6 special instruments. At the same time, they are introducing some new features in the Lakewood Custom-shop that they used for this 2022 edition and are now making available for all instruments composed in the Custom-shop.

Crossover guitar models added to Natural Series

For some years now, we have been building nylon-string guitars under the Lakewood label again with growing enthusiasm. These instruments do not claim to be concert guitars in the classical way, but are to be understood as a bridge between nylon string sound and easy handling respectively playing style (some even with cutaway and pickup). Therefore, they cannot be compared to the former CCP models built some years ago. We have named our new nylon string guitars now Crossover.

New steady baritone models in portfolio

Also new to the Natural Series are two baritone models designed and built based on the Grand Concert (M) shape. The M-31 CP Baritone and M-34 CP Baritone are ultimately a result of their popularity gained in the past as Edition models.

New Concert models in Natural Series

Last but not least, we have added two more models to the Natural Series, namely in the Concert (C) form, which has been popular from the very beginning. The C-14 and C-31 CP are now fixed series models and duly round off the range.

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