Kuke Announces Appointment of Artistic Advisor

Kuke Announces Appointment of Artistic Advisor

BEIJING, March 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kuke Music Holding Limited (“Kuke” or the “Group”) (NYSE: KUKE), a leading classical music consumption and learning service platform in China, today announced the appointment of Elijah Chen as Artistic Advisor of the Group and its new NFT platform KOLO, responsible for the overall content planning and layout.

Over the years, Ms. Chen has been deeply engaged in international record companies, performing arts management, internet and media industry. Ms. Chen has over 25 years of work experience in the classical music industry, holding positions at the Universal Music Group, Sony Music, EMI Classics and Warner Music Group. During her tenure, as the Senior Director of the Classics and Jazz Department at the Universal Music China, Ms. Chen made significant contributions to maintaining and expanding the leading position in the industry.

Ms. Chen is also a veteran of creative marketing and live event planning for well-known classical music artists and actively expanded the multi-faceted application of classical music. She had helped to materialize a number of successful projects converging at the intersection of music and technology, including having a well-known Chinese pianist to become the first musician in a VR MV shooting with one of China’s leading technology companies, besides, she also collaborated with the team of Brand Partnership to promote the cross-border project of cooperation between a famous Japanese composer and high-tech electronic products.

Ms. Chen said, “Driven by the integration of art, technology, and finance, classical music NFT will flourish in even more application scenarios. I am excited to work at this new position where I will be focusing on strategic artistic content planning, fostering KOLO’s branding as a leading internationally influential NFT platform, and supporting the Company’s further growth through the development of creative content and commercial resources.”

Mr. He Yu, Chief Executive Officer of Kuke, said “Elijah Chen is an exceptional leader with rich classical music experience from various renowned music groups. We believe her professional expertise will bring synergy to our existing business base and further unlock the potential for greater artistic creativeness to fuel Kuke’s top-notched classical music content development. I look forward to working with Ms. Chen to deliver outstanding successes for labels, artists, and customers of Kuke.”

About Kuke Music Holding Limited

Kuke is a leading classical music service platform in China encompassing the entire value chain from content provision to music learning services. By collaborating with its strategic global business partner Naxos, the largest independent classical music content provider in the world, the foundation of Kuke’s extensive classical music content library is its unparalleled access to more than 900 top-tier labels and record companies. Leveraging its market leadership in international copyrighted classical music content, Kuke provides highly scalable classical music licensing services to various online music platforms, and classical music subscription services to over 800 universities, libraries and other institutions across China. In addition, it has hosted Beijing Music Festival (“BMF”), the most renowned music festival in China, for 24 consecutive years. Through KUKEY, the Company’s proprietary AI music learning system, Kuke aims to democratize music learning via technological innovation, bring fascinating music content and professional music techniques to more students, and continuously improve the efficiency and penetration of music learning in China.

For more information about Kuke, please visit https://ir.kuke.com/

About KOLO

KOLO is a classical music-focused and decentralized NFT platform driven by blockchain technology and aims to build a better music ecological environment on the blockchain, encourage paid digital music consumption and become the blockchain standard for classical music. KOLO is committed to using the blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of royalty payments and protect the rights of musicians.

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