Kristy Samunting, the first ASTiF graduate to receive the UMS Royal Education Award

Kristy Samunting, the first ASTiF graduate to receive the UMS Royal Education Award

KOTA KINABALU: Bachelor’s degree graduates from the Academy of Creative Arts and Technology (ASTiF) emerged as the first ASTiF students to receive the Royal Education Award at the 24th UMS Convocation Ceremony.

Kristy Samunting, 23, did not expect to receive the award and thought that this kind of award would usually be worn by students in the fields of science, engineering, economics, accounts and so on.

“I am moved and proud of my success now and very grateful to God.

“My previous major was science and I once aspired to be a lawyer or an architect. But I realized the talent in me and decided to pursue it in the field of art,” she said.

Realizing an interest in the art of music since childhood, Kristy feels very grateful that her choice to continue being active in the art world was the right one.

“I want to prove to the public that even if taking up music does not mean only being able to be an artist, there are more branches we can do in the world of art,” she said.

According to her, while still a student, she worked part-time as a vocal teacher online.

At the same time, Kristy does not forget to do assignments and practice every day because this program requires a lot of practice in addition to reading materials through e-books.

“After this I will go to Singapore because I got an offer to work at Aureus Academy and will start working in January.

“The life motto that I hold to this day is, “Do what you love, and love what you do,” she said.

Kristy is a graduate from Tambunan, of Kadazandusun nationality and the fifth child of five siblings.

For the record, a total of 792 graduates were celebrated at the 5th session of the 24th UMS Convocation Council.

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