KPN Semarak Uniti’s vote: Mixed marriage is a form of racial unity

KPN Semarak Uniti’s vote: Mixed marriage is a form of racial unity

MALAYSIA is a unique country because it has various races, cultures and religions.

This diversity for a long time has been a strength and pillar of unity among the people.

It has also seen a lot of inter-racial or ethnic intermarriage, which is not even a strange thing in this country.

Therefore, to find out whether or not you have mixed blood as a result of mixed marriage, a vote was conducted for 24 hours on Astro AWANI ‘s Twitter on October 14.

The vote in collaboration with the Ministry of National Unity (KPN) through the KPN Semarak Uniti program showed that a total of 559 respondents participated, with almost 60 percent saying they had mixed blood.

A total of 31.7 percent said they had mixed Malay-Chinese blood; 9.1 percent mixed Malay-Indian and three percent mixed Chinese-Indian (Chindian).

Through the vote, it can be concluded that intermarriage is one of the patterns that make up the diversity of races in this country.

It is also one of the factors that form a society that tolerates each other, recognizes culture and taboos, and accepts each other’s differences.

Those with mixed blood are also said to be more open-minded and knowledgeable, especially in matters of culture, customs and food.

Meanwhile, another vote was also conducted to find out the locations that are often the focus of communities of various races in this country.

Voting that started on October 15 last 24 hours saw a total of 641 votes received, and 39.2 percent of respondents stated that they often see racial diversity in the night market.

Meanwhile, 27.6 percent often see racial diversity when gathering at school/college; 25.9 percent at the stadium and another 7.3 percent at weddings.

After 65 years of enjoying independence and 59 years of being in a big Malaysian family, this diversity should continue to be managed with wisdom and wisdom.

It also needs to be celebrated so that the community can continue to live in unity and goodwill.

In addition, the uniqueness of the pluralistic society that lives in harmony in this country has also become one of the attractions for tourists to learn about Malaysian culture.

There is no need to deny, this is the great contribution of the establishment of Malaysia that has been recognized around the world.

source – Ehsan A Marisah

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