Korg announce ultimate NTS-2 bundle for synth fans

Korg announce ultimate NTS-2 bundle for synth fans

Korg are thrilled to announce the Nu:Tekt NTS-2 kit, which is being bundled with a new “Patch & Tweak with Korg” book, an exciting exploration of semi- modular synthesis with tips, tricks, and more than 25 new exclusive interviews with Pete Townshend, Jean-Michel Jarre, Richard Devine and more.

The NTS-2 kit and book were conceived and developed to complement each other, providing not only a fascinating insight into synth usage and history, but also the tools to guide and inspire synth lovers at any stage of their musical journey.

The Nu:Tekt NTS-2 is a DIY “Swiss army knife” for musicians. Building on a 4- channel oscilloscope, it includes a flexible waveform generator, spectrum analyser, and tuner functions that make it the ideal addition to any studio.

Patch & Tweak with Korg is the latest title in the “Patch & Tweak” series from Bjooks. It’s a fascinating guide to semi-modular synthesis and the music it has inspired. With a focus on the MS-20 Mini, Volca Modular, reimagined ARP 2600 M, and the SQ-1 and SQ-64 sequencers, it features dozens of tutorials, tips, and tricks covering everything from synth basics to advanced sound design. A must-have for synth enthusiasts, it includes interviews with legendary and emerging artists, insights from Korg and ARP engineers, and detailed timelines of Korg synthesizers and ARP’s legendary keyboards.


NTS-2 includes a variety of useful studio functions, all in a pocket-sized, elegant package that you can take anywhere.

4-channel oscilloscope

With dual stereo inputs, you can study up to four signals at once, comparing and overlapping them with ease. A variety of display modes let you see your data in colour. Its user interface is clear and quick, thanks to dedicated menu buttons and clickable encoder knob.

FFT/Spectrum analyser

NTS-2 comes with a dedicated FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) mode with a real-time spectrum analyser. These handy tools have always been out of reach for the synth musician – they either required expensive hardware or a computer nearby. Now you can carry them in your pocket!

Dual waveform generator

A flexible Wave Generator mode makes NTS-2 much more than an oscilloscope. It has two oscillators with dedicated outputs. Each oscillator can create a variety of waveforms – sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and noise – whose shape and phase can be adjusted to suit many applications.

These sounds can be used in the audio range or as control voltage sources, and they can be set to cycle continuously or act as one-shot impulses; that means you can turn them into LFOs, envelopes, triggers, and control voltage generators, as well as sound sources. Attaching the NTS-2 to any patchable synthesizer instantly expands its power in useful ways, making it an analogue synth player’s dream tool.


NTS-2 wouldn’t be complete without a precise and easy-to-use Tuner with multiple display modes!

As with other Korg Nu:Tekt products, the NTS-2 is a DIY kit that is extremely easy and quick to assemble. When you open the bundle, you’ll find a set of transparent side panels letting it stand up at one of two different mounting angles for easy use in any studio or stage rig. For maximum portability and flexibility, NTS-2 can be powered by batteries or a USB-C power supply, depending on your needs.

More information: https://www.korg.co.uk/nts2

source – Music Instrument News


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