Sharifah Amani is engaged to a man of her choice

Sharifah Amani is engaged to a man of her choice

Popular actress Sharifah Amani has finally revealed that she has become someone’s fiancé.

The actress, who is popular with the film Sepet and Gubra, got engaged to his heart’s desire on June 24 at the family’s residence in the capital.

Through a post on her official Instagram (IG), the picture showing the ring on the ring finger.

Contacting the actress who is also the director’s protege, the late Yasmin Ahmad, she admitted that she was a little nervous and happy at the same time.

“Honestly, I am very excited because getting to know myself is a personal story between those who are not my hawkers as long as I am an artist. But, I agree, the journey of human life will also meet a happy point.

“There is no term I want to hide this happiness that is being explored. I believe, this happy thing also deserves to be shared. Therefore, I will share a little today, ”he said.

The winner of the Best Actress trophy, the 19th Malaysia Film Festival (FFM) through the film Gubra in 2006, however, is not ready to reveal the identity of her fiancé.

However, she informed that she will step into the wedding gate this year as well.

“Later when I get married, I am ready to share the identity of my future husband. For now, let’s keep it a secret.

“We have known each other for the past four years. I am comfortable knowing him, ”she said

source – wilayahku

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