Kissing scene… Hasif Upin doesn’t care about halal and haram?

Kissing scene… Hasif Upin doesn’t care about halal and haram?

IF before, Hasif Upin’s name was better known as Abang Upin Ipin on TikTok, now Hasif has gone further in the art industry as a singer.

However, there was a feeling of uneasiness among netizens when the act of kissing on the lips in the music video of his song, Dilema seemed to deliberately trigger a gimmick.

“In the music video, I played the role of Joker. Surely everyone knows the naughty Joker character.

“So to bring the character of the Joker to life, one of the scenes I have to play is kissing the model’s mouth in the Dilema video clip.

“Many people made noise when I kissed a woman on the mouth in the music video. If you want to know if it’s real or not, you have to watch it,” he said when met at the press conference of his appointment as the M-150 drink water ambassador.

ACTION Hasif Upin kisses a woman’s mouth in the Dilema music video for ‘hot’ netizens.

At the same time, Hasif also doesn’t care what the netizens assume about him.

“If someone says that I deliberately want to trigger a gimmick, all I can say is the concept featured in the music video.

“The concept was agreed between me and the record company, Armani Entertainment. So, as a singer, that’s part of the job I have to do.

“I am ready to accept criticism because I cannot stop what people think about my song or music video.

“There is no denying that some people say that they just started to become singers, but it’s more of a gimmick. That’s up to you. I realize that some can accept it and some can’t,” he said, hoping that fans would listen to his new song Dilema.

Dilema tells the story of a man who is in a dilemma with his love relationship.

HASIF was appointed as the M-150 beverage ambassador.

Meanwhile, Hasif is also grateful to be chosen as the M-150 drink ambassador

“I know there are many other celebrities who are more popular or more deserving, but I believe it’s all about luck. Alhamdulillah.. I didn’t think so either.

“As a TikToker, I am quite busy with many programs throughout Malaysia. Sometimes I don’t get enough sleep or rest. So this M-150 drink really gives me energy.

“It can be said that it helps a lot to add energy in my daily activities.

“At the same time, I see an honor and a positive development for social media celebrities when they are given the opportunity to be ambassadors,” he explained

source – wilayahku

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