Kenny Hills Bakers extends its reach to Putrajaya

Kenny Hills Bakers extends its reach to Putrajaya

The location in Putrajaya’s IOI City Mall is the chain’s sixth and largest outlet

SINCE its inception in 2014, Kenny Hills Bakers has been serving customers across Kuala Lumpur with coffee, pastries, freshly made sourdough breads, as well as a menu of local favourites that appeal to a wide palate.

This location has a large wood fired oven for breads and pizzas, as well as an open bakery concept so you can watch the bakers in action. – Haikal Fernandez pic

The local chain of bakeries and cafes recently opened its sixth outlet at IOI City Mall in Putrajaya, serving all-day brunch, freshly baked goods and organic bread.

Kenny Hills Bakers’ journey began in 2014 as a family-owned bakery/cafe operating in a tiny half-lot within Taman Tunku, which was known then as Kenny Hills.

With the corned beef salted for an extended period of time and a well toasted and fluffy brioche toast, the Corned Beef Egg in a Hole is a hearty breakfast dish. – Haikal Fernandez pic

The menu at Kenny Hills Bakers IOI City Mall, Putrajaya also comes with some new and exclusive additions such as the Corned Beef Egg in a Hole, Mixed Berry French Toast and Wood-fired Spring Chicken.

The Wood-fired Spring Chicken is an all around meal with a salad and corn on the cob to round out the dish. – Pic courtesy of Kenny Hills Bakery

This new outlet has dining seats for over 200 patrons within the confines of its 6,500 sq ft, at a rather breezy corner of the mall, with a spacious outdoor dining area.

The Mixed Berry French Toast is a delightful medley of textures as brioche bread, homemade ice cream, juicy fruit, and the crunchy berry crumble comes together. – Haikal Fernandez pic

The centrepiece of the restaurant is a woodfired oven, where the breads are baked fresh daily as well as where the popular pizzas are made. The open bakery concept, where customers can look at the bakers in action, is also unique to the Putrajaya location.

“It’s the biggest Kenny Hills Bakers outlet to date with the most seating capacity. It also has a full in-house bakery because of the size and we did a new island design concept that contains our bakery display, coffee bar and pizza section,” says managing director of Kenny Hills Bistro, Kai Zen Au.

“They’ve [customers] been asking us for years to open in Putrajaya so when we had the chance to, it was a no-brainer.”

In addition to its menu of local favourites, there is the range of freshly baked pastries and desserts to either take there or bring home. – Haikal Fernandez pic

Described as a cosy corner with a terrace, Kenny Hills Bakers’ latest expansion has already been proving to be a hit in the community. Even though it was a random weekday morning, long lines could be seen queuing for the meals.

source – The Vibes

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