Kedah MB says no to concerts that transgress ‘local community norms’

Kedah MB says no to concerts that transgress ‘local community norms’

This follows viral video of youth dancing, performing various acts at Balai Seni Alor Star

ALOR STAR – Concerts that lead to unruly behaviour will not be allowed in Kedah, said its menteri besar Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor.

He said in his Facebook post today that the behaviour of youth jumping in an unruly manner at the Muda Mudi Weekend Festival in Balai Seni Alor Star would be the benchmark for the matter.

“Yesterday’s incident is a benchmark that any activity that can lead to overstepping local community norms will not be given space to breed.

“We encourage the organisation of events that are healthy for the body such as fun runs, fun rides, treasure hunts, fishing competitions and other competitions that comply with existing laws and guidelines of open events and local community etiquette,” he said.

Sanusi said all district officers who chair committees related to entertainment licensing had been informed about it and the instructions were effective immediately.

Yesterday, a video of a musical group’s performance on stage went viral on social media. It showed young people performing various acts, including dancing, at the Balai Seni Alor Star and it caused a sense of uneasiness considering that it was held not far from Masjid Zahir.

Kedah Tourism, Arts and Culture Committee chairman Mohd Firdaus Ahmad was quoted in a media report yesterday as saying that the state government did not receive detailed information about the contents of the festival, including the concert held, and that he would call the main organisers of the festival for an explanation.

source – Bernama

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