KAYAK invites you to discover the world of Cumbiana II by Carlos Vives Travel with a heart full of music and explore great destinations

KAYAK invites you to discover the world of Cumbiana II by Carlos Vives Travel with a heart full of music and explore great destinations

Carlos Vives returns with his new album Cumbiana II, which shows that we are #UnidosEnLaDiversidad.

Travel with a heart full of music and explore great destinations.

MEXICO CITY , June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Through the journey proposed by KAYAK through the universe of Cumbiana II, great destinations in the world can be explored, united by diversity to the rhythm of their melodies at www.kayak. com.mx/cumbiana2-carlosvives

The KAYAK initiative together with Carlos Vives is an invitation to get to know territories and landscapes through the diversity of its roots, its culture, its tourist destinations and its music.

From the company they celebrate the opportunity to accompany the artist on this second release, which reissues the success of KAYAK’s first joint experience and the first album of the Cumbiana series in 2020, when the proposal was to explore the Colombian roots of cumbia.

On this occasion, through a KAYAK tour to the rhythm of music that takes us to the diversity of the Colombian swamps, the humid Argentine pampas, or the Caribbean beaches, among other landscapes, you can listen to the 14 songs that make up Cumbiana II while traveling to the destinations proposed by the album.

On Cumbiana II, his fifteenth studio album, Vives found a conceptual starting point in the middle of the 20th century, when the nascent music industry first brought the recorded sound of Colombian bands to the capitals of the Latin American music industry, such as Mexico. and Argentina , generating a new sound in these countries and a cumbiera current. Rhythms combined to create new rhythms, and strangers became friends.

In the spirit of that kind of infinite musical session, Cumbiana II took shape. The result is 14 new songs that take us through different cultures, a unique sound journey.

Plan your trip to Santa Marta , Mexico City, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires , San Juan , Santo Domingo , and other cities and regions that have inspired the creation of Cumbiana II’s songs.

KAYAK’s journey through the universe of Cumbiana II will be updated in the future, and visitors will find more content and more destinations to explore. The invitation is to arouse curiosity about the diversity that crosses us and that unites us through shared culture, art, and the music of Carlos Vives in Cumbiana II.

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About @CarlosVives

Two-time GRAMMY® winner and 15-time Latin GRAMMY® winner, Carlos Vives is one of the most important figures in Latin music, pioneer and creator of a new sound from the traditional music of the Caribbean coast and the northern region. from Columbia . With more than 10 billion views on digital platforms and 20 million albums sold, Carlos has become an ambassador for Colombiain the world, and with songs like “La Gota Fría”, “La Tierra del Olvido” or “La Bicicleta” together with Shakira, he has taken the culture and value of Colombian identity to all corners of the planet, gaining international recognition for the music of your country. His most recent record material “Cumbiana” includes the Latin GRAMMY®-winning documentary “El Mundo Perdido de Cumbiana” and the book “Cumbiana, Relatos de un Mundo Perdido “, creating a true creative universe around the origin and evolution of Cumbiana. cumbia. For 2022 he is preparing the release of Cumbiana 2, which continues the success story of “Cumbiana” with songs like “Canción Bonita” with Ricky Martin , “Currambera”, “, in addition to his most recent hit “Baloncito Viejo” with Camilo, who currently leads the top radio positions in all of Latin America. In 2015 he founded the Tras La Perla initiative to promote the sustainable development of the city of Santa Marta and its region of influence in the Sierra Nevada and Ciénaga Grande. As his most beloved slogan indicates, “united in diversity”, Carlos has marked entire generations through music and the promotion of Colombian culture. He has just released Cumbiana II, a new album and musical tour.

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