Kate Moss denied she was pushed, kicked by Johnny Depp as Amber Heard accused

Kate Moss denied she was pushed, kicked by Johnny Depp as Amber Heard accused

Hollywood director Johnny Depp’s longtime lover, Kate Moss, who is also an international model, denied a statement made by his ex -wife, Amber Heard, who said she had been ‘kicked’ and ‘pushed’ by the artist.

Moss, who appeared online as a witness during the defamation trial of the two figures, responded to allegations made by Heard that she had previously been pushed from a ladder until she fell at a resort in Jamaica.

Instead, she explained that she slipped from the stairs of the hotel room.

“While about to leave the room, Johnny had already left first.

“It was raining heavily at the time. When I came out of the room I slipped and felt pain in the back of my body,” she said in a sworn statement.

“I was screaming and didn’t know what was going on and I was in pain. He (Depp) came towards me and helped me help and took me back into the room in addition to getting medical help,” she explained further.

Moss assured that Depp never injured her during the incident.

Heard, in one of a series of their defamation trials earlier this month mentioned Moss’s name and revealed to the judge that there was such an incident going on between her sister, Whitney Henriquez and Depp earlier in March 2015.

She said Henriquez appealed to Depp to stop the violence.

The explanation was at once linked to Moss who once had an intimate relationship with Depp.

“Whitney was back on the stairs and Johnny attacked her. I didn’t hesitate, didn’t wait. In my head I kept remembering the incident between Moss and Depp regarding the stairs,” Heard reported.

According to a report by The New York Post , Heard has brought the issue of the attack on the stairs between Moss and Depp into trial since 2020.

source – Nickyson Nyambar


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