Kanye West defends the idea of ​​’piling up’ the latest collection in a black plastic bag

Kanye West defends the idea of ​​’piling up’ the latest collection in a black plastic bag

Rapper and entrepreneur, Kanye West insists he had his own reasons for choosing to ‘stack’ the Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga fashion collection in ‘trash plastic’ bags.

The winner of 21 Grammy Award trophies stated that he had the right to be creative in marketing his collection, and refused to apologize if anyone was uncomfortable with his methods.

“I am a designer. And I’m not here to apologize for my ideas.

“That’s what the media is trying to do, force us to apologize for any ideas that don’t go their way,” West said in an interview with Fox News.

West says the goal is to make the shopping experience easier and more balanced.

In the photo spread on social media, Yeezy’s latest collection is placed in a plastic bag that looks like a black garbage plastic bag, not hung on a shelf to be displayed as usual.

Many described it as insensitive to the homeless community, and some even thought it was ‘an insult’ for customers to have to unload the contents to find the items they wanted.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, West cited ‘homeless’ and ‘kids’ as inspiration for the idea.

“This is not a game. This is not just a celebrity collaboration. This is my life. I fight to change the perception of fashion and bring the best designs to all walks of life.

“When I went to the Dominican Republic, I visited a clothing store and saw people unloading shirts from a bin outside the store, I saw them so happy… like a child who found something valuable,” he explained.

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