Kanpai Pandas NFT brings you a once-in-a-lifetime EDC experience

Kanpai Pandas NFT brings you a once-in-a-lifetime EDC experience

What is EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) Las Vegas?

LAS VEGAS, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — One major perk of being a Kanpai Pandas NFT holder is insane access to hot tickets like EDC Las Vegas on Saturday, May 21st, 2022! EDC is an annual flagship event held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway that features art, carnival rides (18 to be exact), circus-style performances, and the top EDM DJs in the world, including Diplo, Zedd, and Martin Garrix. To celebrate its 25th year anniversary, EDC has released a star-studded lineup for this year’s festival — the Kanpai Pandas will be raiding the party!!

Over 300,000 people attend EDC every year — Kanpai Panda holders will be among the few attendees that have EDC’s premier privileges. Kanpai Labs are providing Kanpai Panda holders TWO private tier-1 tables (roped-off from the crowd) at the VERY FRONT of the EDC stage. These passes are simply the best seats in the house — amenities include all-you-can-drink bottle service, private transportation to and from the festival, table security, cocktail waitresses, drinks, gourmet food, and air-conditioned bathrooms (trust us, you’ll need the aircon).

Kanpai Labs has acquired 40 tier-1 prime table seats. 11 of the Kanpai Panda EDC passes for these seats have already been sold to the WeetardsDAO, 26 are being sold at a significant (and we mean SIGNIFICANT) discount to Kanpai Panda holders, and 3 were already given away for free to Kanpai Panda holders. You would be lucky to find a tier-1 prime table seat for $5,000 without paying $50,000 for a table — all tier-1 and tier-2 prime tables at EDC are sold out, with only a couple of tier-3 tables in the back remaining.

Kanpai Pandas is the only entity offering tier-1 table seats at EDC, at this price, with this crew. Get your pass here for $2500 (paid in ETH).

Acquired EDC passes can be resold on OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, until Monday, May 16th at 4 PM. After this deadline, Kanpai Panda holders can immediately claim their EDC pass.

Who will be joining the Kanpai Pandas at EDC 2022?

Kanpai Pandas isn’t merely an artistic NFT collection with innovative technology and world-class events. Kanpai Pandas is building a family of like-minded people across the globe, creating a network effect where holders can build, collaborate, and learn together in the NFT journey. The Weetards DAO, some of the largest crypto Twitter influencers and an eclectic group of crypto-minded individuals that bolster the networking web of the Kanpai Pandas, will be joining Kanpai Panda holders in EDC. Kanpai Panda attendees will have an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and have fun with the Weetards DAO and others alike. This will be one of many upcoming events, both large and small, where Kanpai Panda holders can interact with notable people — and not just from the crypto space. Stay tuned.


Get your Kanpai Pandas VIP EDC NFT pass

MINTING LIVE at https://kanpaipandas.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KanpaiPandas
Discord: https://discord.gg/kanpaipandas
OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/kanpai-pandas
Contact: [email protected]

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