Kak Engku never thought of getting married again, happy with the children

Kak Engku never thought of getting married again, happy with the children

The popular actor and lawyer Raja Azura has never felt ashamed of her widow status and even insisted that she always adheres to the principles and discipline of her own life.

She said the discipline became the basis in her life in maintaining the good name and dignity of the family, including her former father -in -law.

“I have no problem with the status of a widow. In fact, it is true that we are widows. For me, the important thing is to behave nicely. We know we are single mothers, so we have to behave as a widow.

“The important thing is to behave well and nice because I have a child who goes to school and needs to take care of my parents’ second child. Even though I have separated from my ex -husband, I still have a daughter-father relation with my father -in -law.

“He remained my father -in -law until he died and had to take care of his name. When we take care of all this, we don’t mind people calling me a widow. I have never been discouraged because the fact is that I am a widow who knows how to take care of family order and dignity,” she said.

Raja Azura or more affectionately known as Kak Engku was spotted during the preview ceremony and press conference of the film Tiga Janda Melawan Dunia at GSC Tropicana Garden Mall, Petaling Jaya on Tuesday.

Kak Engku added that she never thought of getting married again because she refused to face family problems such as fighting with her brother-in-law.

“People always ask that question (open the door of the heart). First of all I want to know, what is the purpose of this marriage? What is the real mission? Want a life partner? How is the children?

“Can a life partner be accepted? And then, we need to know if future in-laws if they like us or not. If the partner is wealthy people will think that we want the property of their siblings.

“So I don’t like things like this. The experience that happened in my life is enough. I’ve been married, I have three children. Thankfully I was able to raise them from a young age.

“I’m happy with my children… I don’t need to have a life partner. People want a life partner because they want happiness. But Alhamdulillah, I’m still okay and I still have children and love them,” she said.

For the record, Raja Azura was married to Adzmin Osman in March 2001 but they divorced on September 28, 2010.

Raja Azura was blessed with three children, Megat Muhammad Raziq, Megat Luqman Hakim and Princess Mia Maizura.

source – Gempak


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