Kabir Bhatia wants to give something different in the movie Talbis Iblis

Kabir Bhatia wants to give something different in the movie Talbis Iblis

KUALA LUMPUR: The Best Director of the 31st Malaysian Film Festival, Kabir Bhatia, is back with a new masterpiece, a horror film titled Talbis Iblis.

The film had previously forged its own history when it was screened at the Far East Film Festival in Italy and the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in South Korea.

Although he has directed works in the same genre before, Kabir described Talbis Iblis as having its own challenges, not to mention ensuring that the film can compete in the increasingly vibrant local film market.

“It depends a lot on the timing, the audience also has incredible demands, so it’s a challenge for us filmmakers.

“This film is not something common but at the same time has its own structure, that’s what makes me nervous. The challenge is to produce something different but still acceptable. It is also a trilogy, there is already a challenge there.

“Additionally with the given title, it should be seen in the context of who is deceiving whom,” said Kabir when met at the press conference for the launch of the film, on Thursday.

Talbis Iblis tells the story of Hajar, played by Azira Shafinaz, who is forced to flee Kuala Lumpur after becoming pregnant out of wedlock and lives with a midwife, Mak Ju, played by Nasha Aziz. But unexpectedly, Mak Ju actually has his own agenda.

Apart from Azira and Nasha, the film produced in collaboration with four production companies including Infinitus Gold and Astro Shaw also stars Zul Ariffin, Amir Nafis, Jay Iswazir, Sherie Merlis and many others.

It will be shown in cinemas nationwide starting October 20

source – Madiha Abdullah


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