K-Clique members ‘Fareed Saddi’ married MK’s sister!

K-Clique members ‘Fareed Saddi’ married MK’s sister!

K-Clique group member, Fareed Saddi has successfully married MK’s sister, Siti Hawa Hamdan on Monday.

Fareed who is also the younger brother of singer Sabhi Saddi was married himself by MK or his real name Hairi Amin Hamdan representing his father, Hamdan Abdul Razak in a ceremony that took place in Sabah.

Interestingly, before the marriage took place, Fareed appeared on the throne to propose to Siti Hawa who was also fondly called Wawa.

“Are you willing to marry me and ready for me to guide you to jannah,” asked Fareed.

Siti Hawa who was accompanied by MK’s mother replied briefly; “God willing.”

In the wedding ceremony attended by guests dressed all in white, Siti Hawa received a dowry in the form of a gold bracelet from Fareed.

Meanwhile, in MK’s brief speech after the wedding ceremony, the singer thanked the guests present and wished happiness for his brother-in-law who is also his close friend.

“Thank you to everyone who attended, may we all go to a beautiful paradise. God willing,” said MK.

source – Gempak


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