K-Blockbusters Seoul Vibe and Carter deliver action this August on Netflix

K-Blockbusters Seoul Vibe and Carter deliver action this August on Netflix

One is a retro 80s car-based action movie, the other is a nonstop thrill ride with a secret agent carrying out a life or death mission

THIS August, two new Korean action blockbusters are set to unleash hair-raising excitement and heart-racing thrills.

Carter brings a non-stop rush of adrenaline with wall-to-wall action as you follow the film’s protagonist on his high-stakes mission. This adventure kicks off on Netflix on August 5.

Premiering exclusively on Netflix on August 26, Seoul Vibe features a team of gearheads who attempt to bust a crime ring as the South Korean capital gets ready to host the 1988 Summer Olympics.

Groove to the stylish beat of the high-octane Seoul Vibe

The summer of 1988 sees South Korea in the grip of Olympics fever as Seoul gears up to host the massive event. In the days leading to the Summer Olympics, a crew of drivers and mechanics called ‘Sanggye-dong Supreme Team’ uncover some fishy business involving a VIP slush fund.

Together, Yoo Ah-in (as Dong-wook, the supreme driver with perfect drifting skills), Ko Kyung-pyo (as John Woo, the Club DJ), Lee Kyu-hyung (as Bok-nam, the human navigator), Park Ju-hyun (as Yoon-hee the talented motorcyclist), and Ong Seong-wu (as Joon-gi the mechanic) will uncover the truth behind a massive money laundering ring.

Director Moon Hyun-sung said, “When choosing the exterior looks of the vehicles, we wanted to aim for a ‘hip hop’ and ‘retro’ feel. I like to call it ‘hiptro’ vibe.”

Seoul Vibe is also packed with colorful visuals, funky music, and retro fashion that brings the trendy 1980s to life.

Strap in for a heady ride as Carter unveils its spectacular action set pieces

Carter follows an agent who wakes up in an unknown motel room with his memories wiped clean. He has no choice but to fulfill a mission given to him by a mysterious voice in his ear who tells him that if he does not follow her orders, his life will be at stake.

Veteran director Jung Byung-gil, acclaimed for elegant action movies such as The Villainess and Action Boys, spearheaded this fast-paced genre masterpiece. He said, “I tried to make the impossible happen because I wanted everything to be real action without computer-generated effects.”

Joo Won, who plays Carter, said, “Out of everything I have done so far, this is the movie I am most excited about!”

source – The Vibes-hipz.my

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