Julian Marley’s New Song ‘Don’t Ruin My World (Soil Of Life)’ to Debut at Everland’s ‘Concert for Climate’

Julian Marley’s New Song ‘Don’t Ruin My World (Soil Of Life)’ to Debut at Everland’s ‘Concert for Climate’

“Anthem to amplify the voices of young people who are anxious about the climate crisis and are demanding that adults do what is right to safeguard their future before it’s too late”

NEW YORK, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Julian Marley, son of reggae-music icon Bob Marley, has composed and recorded “Don’t Ruin My World (Soil Of Life)” – a new song that will be performed for the first time at Everland’s ‘Climate for Concert’ on June 4 as part of the United Nations Environment Programme’s World Environment Day (WED) celebrations. The concert will be at the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm, Sweden, and live streamed by Looped.

Julian Marley & The Uprising are headlining the concert and will debut the song to encourage the voices of youth activists who are demanding urgent action on the climate crisis. It captures the natural world’s beauty and the vital role trees play in our lives:

The medicines in leaves
The histories in trees
The foundation fruit of our life
(Of our life)
Human and nature in harmony
All these tings are part of me
(Yea Yea)
Don’t you take her light.

The song has the makings of an anthem with its hook:

So don’t ruin my world
Don’t trouble my world
Don’t ruin my world world world
Don’t trouble my world

Children have contributed the least to the climate crisis but will pay the highest price, according to Save The Children:

Right now, in the U.S. and around the world, children’s lives are under threat due to climate change. Nearly 710 million children are currently living in countries at the highest risk of suffering the impact of the climate crisis. However, every child will inherit a planet with more frequent extreme weather events than ever before.
Extreme events, including wildfires, floods, and hurricanes, have become a frightening new normal. Hotter temperatures, air pollution, and violent storms are leading to immediate, life-threatening dangers for children, including difficulty breathing, malnutrition, and a higher risk of infectious diseases.
Extreme temperatures leave many families living in poverty with less food, less clean water, lower incomes, and worsening health.
Children’s immune systems are still developing, leaving their rapidly growing bodies more sensitive to disease and pollution.
Extreme events can destroy homes, schools, childcare centers, and infrastructure critical to children’s well-being.
Droughts and flooding can destroy crops and cut access to clean water.
The UN warns that many families will have to choose between starvation and migration.
Following in his father’s footsteps, the two-time Grammy-nominated artist has centered much of his work around activism. Everland commissioned Julian Marley to create a song to help raise awareness of the need to end deforestation and conserve nature to safeguard life on Earth.

Julian Marley agreed to create the song after learning about the pioneering conservation projects that Everland represents across the globe which are focused on stopping deforestation. The projects are community-based and wildlife-centered where local landowners and communities are directly involved in protecting their forests for their own benefit. This is done under a UN-envisioned mechanism called REDD+ – an acronym for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation.

About working with Everland, Julian Marley said: I was excited to learn from Everland that it’s possible to stop deforestation in a way that brings meaningful investments into local forest communities. We’re happy to use our voices to support those on the front-line battle to conserve forests and protect wildlife. It’s our moral responsibility to do so.

I created this song for Everland to help get the word out about the urgent need to protect nature and life on Earth. It’s an anthem to amplify the voices of young people who are anxious about the climate crisis and are demanding that adults do what is right to safeguard their future before it’s too late.

On having Julian Marley & The Uprising debut the song at the Concert for Climate, Everland CEO and Co-founder Gerald Prolman said: We asked Julian Marley to do this because he’s a lifelong activist who’s always stood up for environmental and social justice. We’re honored that he agreed and thrilled that he’ll be performing the song that is uplifting and perfectly expresses what young people everywhere are feeling. ‘Don’t Ruin My World’ is a rallying cry for a livable world for future generations.

Register here to attend the intimate, in-person concert or here to RSVP for the live-streamed concert on Looped. Details about the concert and Everland’s other WED events can be found here.

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