‘JoHaRa Morning ERA’ no longer accompanies listeners

‘JoHaRa Morning ERA’ no longer accompanies listeners

AFTER 10 years of accompanying listeners, ERA’s morning JoHaRa segment is now disbanded.

The matter was informed during the official press conference of ERA Fm which was held at Tiffin At The Yard, Jalan Ipoh, Sentul yesterday afternoon, thus introducing several new segments that will be broadcast starting this Monday.

Became the focus of the media when the great comedian figure, Johan did not appear with other presenters such as Haniff Hamzah and Ray at the event.

According to ERA content manager, Hani Fadzil, the comedian has decided to leave and no longer be with ERA.

“For 10 years, Johan has been a part of JoHaRa and there is no denying that he is an ERA icon himself.

“But now we will move further, so ERA and Johan take their respective paths.

“This decision is a joint decision, so without Johan this is who we are now,” said Hani briefly.

The JoHaRa segment of Era morning will be replaced with a new segment ‘3 Morning ERA’ which will feature three great male couples Nabil Ahmad, Pak Azad and Radin.

Hani added, despite being aware of the risks he would receive due to this sudden change, he still believed in the talents and strengths of each presenter in the morning segment.

“Of course, before we make a decision we will think first, it can’t be just like that.

“Every decision made has its own reasons and all three of them (Nabil, Radin, Azad) have their own strengths and this is an opportunity for them to stand out more with what they have.

“Like Radin, he clearly has a handsome face and is very professional in addition to being a mediator to normalize the situation for Nabil and Azad who we already know are both kind of funny.

“If Nabil is anyone who doesn’t know him, the jokes that Nabil shows are very different from other comedians. He also has a very fast thinking ability suited to the work of a fast -moving radio presenter.

“Azad, who would have thought that he would be a radio presenter, Azad’s strength is the kind that we give him whatever task, he can perform well.

“So this is the formula we have for the 3 morning segment of ERA,” said Hani.

In addition to 3 am ERA, other new segments that will air are ‘101 ERA’ by Haniff and Ray, ‘Daebak ERA’ by Munaa Bella and Fazziq Muqris, ‘Port ERA’ by Danial Zaini and ‘Gempak Hit ERA’ by Isha Norsham.

source – Gempak


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