JHS – Let’s Rockdown in Lockdown

JHS – Let’s Rockdown in Lockdown

As COVID – 19 (Coronavirus) continues to wreak havoc with so many aspects of our day to day existence, it is apparent that making music, in all its forms, has continued to play an important part of the lives of many as people seek entertainment, distraction, solace and novel methods of personal development.

What could be better than taking up a musical instrument or developing one’s playing skills further.

We’ve seen tiers come and go, ramp up, ramp down, seen retail disrupted with closures, then opened up again. The “New Temporary” trundles on.

With the latest UK national government announcements that the four nations of the UK and the Republic of Ireland are going into their own local versions of “full lockdown” for at least several weeks, we are all going to have to use all our combined resourcefulness to prevail by finding ways around, under, over or straight through the barriers to trade COVID measures unfortunately impose upon us to ensure the survival of the businesses we’ve all worked so hard to build.

One “workaround” is that although deemed “Non-essential retail” the guidelines allow for music products storefront locations to operate as storage and distribution venues with pre-booked, socially distanced, “Click and Collect” or delivery locally and further afield.

The biggest “Workaround” of all however has been the massive digital transformation which has taken place since March 2020, with a truly fundamental shift to online shopping in categories across the board and no less so in Musical Instruments.

During the previous stages of the Pandemic, and the various versions of lockdown we have worked with many, many customers who have operated in “Click and Collect” or “local delivery” mode.

Those who have also seized the opportunity to work with us to successfully develop their webstores and online presence have seen clear benefits.

Our skilled Publicity and Sales Office Teams are available to all JHS customers to cooperate on webstore projects to maximise the effectiveness of listing JHS products.

Getting your business established in the digital space is now an essential prerequisite of a successful sales business. Creating a productive webstore and taking advantage of 3rd party platforms such as Amazon and eBay is easier than you might imagine.

If your customers need or still prefer to remain a little at arm’s length from your store you can provide them with super strong web content, broad listings, miss nothing, gain new customers, and generate even more sales and profit.

With or without a webstore, our highly efficient and well developed DROP SHIP service can deliver goods direct to your customer with low minimum carriage and all the packaging taken care of.

JHS’ huge library of media assets makes creating high quality listings a breeze and our live stock feed ensures your listings are efficient and effective.

Our usual fulfilment service supporting delivery to store for stocking in, “Click and Collect”, or “local delivery” is operating as normal.

Despite the roll out of vaccines, we still face turmoil for months, but we now know that making music is important to millions of existing and new players.

The team at JHS is here to support your business, efficiently and profitably, to prosper, and even in adversity to grow with Storefront, “Click and Collect” or Webstore sales.


All JHS departments are fully manned in a COVID safe environment and 100% operational from sales, to service, to warehousing, and back office functions such as IT and cash collection. Our logistics providers have solid plans in place to accommodate the increases in demand which lockdowns inevitably bring.

JHS stock levels are, as ever, excellent, with a solid supply chain in place to ensure ongoing availability.

If you would like to take advantage of the JHS dropship service, or work with us on any web related issues to maximise the listings of JHS products in your webstore, or talk about what we might be able to do to help you get your store to be a destination experience for when the time comes, please just contact the JHS sales office.

Our Sales Office number: 0113 286 6411

Email: [email protected]

Whatever you think we might be able to do for you, please just call and ask.

Please watch your inbox for detail of all the latest JHS offers or visit the JHS Trade Website.

Let’s all be positive and take advantage of opportunity in adversity.

Thank you,

The JHS Team


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