JHS announced as exclusive distributor for Italian company Foxgear Ltd

JHS announced as exclusive distributor for Italian company Foxgear Ltd

JHS has been announced as the exclusive distributor for Italian company Foxgear Ltd’s high-quality Foxgear, Baroni & Gurus effects and amplifiers in the UK and ROI.

Foxgear Ltd. was formed in 2017, as a collaboration between two Italian brands, ‘Gurus’ owned by Chicco Bellini and ‘Baroni-Lab’ owned by Ugo Baroni, both highly respected in the music industry for producing high-end, boutique pedals.

Foxgear, Gurus and Baroni products are a showcase for Chicco and Ugo’s ability to work together as one highly efficient research and design team, creating a vast selection of professional quality overdrives, distortions and modulation units which are meticulously hand-built, with the finest components, by a team highly skilled and experienced craftsmen and engineers from USA, Russia, Poland, Italy and China, in Foxgear’s own self contained China production facility, which ensures total control over the build process and consistent product quality which delivers that magic Foxgear blend of unrivalled features, outstanding sonic qualities and incredibly realistic price points.

“It’s all about research,” says Chicco Bellini, “A big percentage of our products is the result of working with some of the finest A-list musicians. Our artists page includes some of the most popular guitar players on the planet who also have their own signature pedals, all of which are readily available.”

This includes British bassist Guy Pratt’s signature Foxgear Knee Trembler, specifically designed to emulate the original Pink Floyd bass tremolo effect required when he’s touring with David Gilmour and Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets.

Another example is the Gurus Sexy Drive MKII a favourite with John Mayer’s guitarist David Ryan Harris, Ace of Skunk Anansie, Phil X and Phil Campbell of Motorhead.

The popular Gurus DoubleDecker MKII twin channel overdrive features Jose Arredondo circuitry, known as the ‘Jose Mod’ for Marshall amps, favoured by a host of innovative guitar players and bands including Steve Vai, the late Eddie Van Halen, Doug Aldrich, Peter Frampton, George Lynch and many others.

“We are also very proud of the new Foxgear T7E Baby stereo vintage echo,” says Chicco, “Featuring 4 heads to represent incredibly accurate tones of the original Italian Binson Echorec.”

JHS Managing Director Dennis Drumm commented: “Foxgear, Gurus and Baroni-Lab brands are legendary within themselves, having earned enormous respect with musicians around the world.

Their innovative, feature rich, and value led approach to product design and unrivalled performance, is backed up by a very high benchmark in manufacturing quality and reliability.

We are thrilled to welcome Foxgear brands in to the JHS family of products.”

The entire range of Foxgear, Gurus and Baroni products are exclusively distributed throughout the UK and ROI via JHS.

More info: https://www.jhs.co.uk/collections/foxgear

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