Jewel claims her mother embezzled more than RM443 million

Jewel claims her mother embezzled more than RM443 million

SINGER and lyricist Jewel claims her mother stole “all her money” amounting to more than US$100 million (RM443 million).

In an interview with Amy Morin on the show ‘Verywell Mind Podcast’ recently, the 48-year-old artist revealed, the actions of Lenedra, who is also her manager, caused her to suffer from depression.

“I didn’t realize what my mother was doing until I was 34.

“That’s when I found out that I owed more than US$3 million and that my mother stole all my money,” she explained.

She said again, she didn’t expect her mother to do that and it was something that was difficult for her to accept.

“My parents divorced when I was 8 years old and I lived with my father.

“No one told me that my mother actually left us and forced my father to raise me alone. I didn’t know that all this time,” she said again.

Jewel revealed that she was also abused by her father.

“My father often beat me especially when he was drunk. So to me he was a ‘bad’ person.

“My mother is a very calm person so I don’t think that I was also abused by her but in a different way,” she said.

In a memoir ‘Never Broken – Songs Are Only Half The Story’ in 2015, Jewel tells the story of her life as a child.

“Anyone who reads this book will think I’m saying bad things about my parents but it’s a true story.

“After I investigated the truth about my mother, I realized she was not who I thought she was all along,” she said.

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