Jerangkong Dalam Almari reveals the story of shirk, revenge

Jerangkong Dalam Almari reveals the story of shirk, revenge

A deep interest in horror films has sparked the idea for director Shadan Hashim to produce the film Crickets In The Closet.

In addition, horror films are also seen as one of the genres that are quite popular and often get a warm response from the audience.

“Looking at the current situation, sometimes I am a bit disturbed when I realize that shirk is still practiced by some people and therefore I have to raise this issue.”

“At the same time, I am a fan of horror films and Crickets In The Closet was produced as a pay homage to the horror filmmakers that I love.” he said.

Prior to this, Shadan had produced a horror film, Volkswagen Kuning, besides being a director through the films Haru Biru and Cinta 200 Ela.

Telling more about the film, Shadan said the film from Akid Productions Sdn. Bhd, tells the story of three brothers who let the devil reign in their chests to the point of revenge and prejudice against each other.

He said, although this is a horror genre film, but the family message is the backbone of the film’s storyline.

He added that for the film, which was affected by the pandemic and underwent filming for 26 days, he had to present something extraordinary because the scorpion ghost itself was rarely picked up on the big screen compared to other ghost stories such as vampires, oil people and ghosts.

“When given this opportunity I ask myself, how to produce a good horror film, without clichéd scenes like women floating, clinging to the wall or screaming when the verses of the Quran are recited, like the norm in other horror films?

“So it challenged my creativity to produce more disturbing horror scenes, show a more creative way to deal with the threat of genies and the most challenging was to bring up the scorpion creature itself,” he said.

Clearly, he is trying to find the identity of a horror film that is close to the community and believes the audience will be entertained by the interesting storyline and surprise elements found in the film Crickets In The Closet.

“Great actors such as Dato ‘Adiputra, Sophia Albarakbah, Hasnul Rahmat, Wan Hanafi Su, Anne Abdullah, Zaidi Omar and Amerul Effendi provide quality acting and this factor will also definitely attract the audience to the cinema,” he said.

The movie Crickets In The Closet will haunt audiences in cinemas nationwide from 4 AUGUST 2022.


Fikri’s (Datuk Adi Putra) life is not peaceful because he is often disturbed by incarnations that appear from the closet that threaten the lives of his wife Shikin (Sophia Albarakbah) and his son (Isaac Iman).

Armed with the knowledge learned from Pak Hassan (Wan Hanafi Su), Fikri returns to his old house, but has to make calculations with Ali’s brother (Hasnul Rahmat) who keeps a dark secret behind the threat of Crickets in the Closet

source – wilayahku

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