Jamal Abdillah had his fifth child at the age of 63

Jamal Abdillah had his fifth child at the age of 63

KUALA LUMPUR: While a number of peers were playing with their grandchildren, the famous entertainer, Datuk Jamal Abdillah, continued to be cheapened.

On this special date 22.02.2022, the 63 -year -old singer, celebrated the presence of the fifth eye light, Iskandar Rayyan Yamani with a weight of 2.84 kilograms.

Iskandar was born to Jamal’s wife, Datin Zai Izzati Khiruddin, 27, by surgery at a private hospital in Shah Alam at 2.27pm on Tuesday.

Sharing the joy, the singer, who is famous for her song Kekasih Awal dan Akhir, said that having a baby at the age of 63 never gave her any problems.

In fact, to stay up in the middle of the night preparing milk or copying diapers was never considered a burden of words, Jamal or his real name, Jamal Ubaidullah Mohd Ali.

“I am ready to repeat the routine of helping my wife take care of small children in the middle of the night. Probably, it’s normal because since three years ago I have started having small children in 2019 and 2020.

“This year, God has brought another light of eyes, so everything is normal for me,” said Jamal to Astro AWANI when contacted.

Jamal also said that in the current situation, he has full time to share with his family.

“The focus and comfort of my time is now more focused on family. I am happy and very grateful for the blessings that God has given me and my wife, “said Jamal again.

Asked about the date of birth of his new family member, Jamal admitted that he and his wife deliberately chose to welcome Iskandar today.

Jamal said, it is to continue the tradition of his third and fourth child before this, namely Nur Azura Yamani who was born on 10.10.2019 while El Isaac Yamani was on 11.11.2020.

Jamal also personally said that he really wanted to have many children and the desire had been voiced to his wife.

“My wife gave the ‘green light’ to have more children, but on the condition that they stay away, don’t be too close,” said Jamal again.

-Astro Awani

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