Jalur Gemilang enlivens Taman Semarak, Tawau in conjunction with the National Month

Jalur Gemilang enlivens Taman Semarak, Tawau in conjunction with the National Month

TAWAU: The agreement, cooperation and patriotic spirit exhibited by the residents of Lorong 2C, Taman Semarak, here to fuel the celebration of National Month this year should probably be praised and emulated by other Malaysians.

This is because despite the country’s challenging economic situation, the residents in the lane are still willing to sacrifice time and money to fuel the spirit of independence in their housing.

Taman Semarak Community 2C Jalur Gemilang Flag Committee member Julina Ladau, 47, said the residents of the lane agreed to raise money to the tune of more than RM3,000 to buy a flag and cover other expenses when building the Merdeka bamboo arch.

“This is actually the first time the 2C community has worked together to celebrate the independence. Before every independence celebration only two or three houses waved the flag, but this year we involved about 2,000 residents, agreed as one family to put up the Jalur Gemilang.

“We are grateful for the cooperation of the people of the 2C Taman Semarak community, without cooperation, everything done for this independence celebration would not have been achieved, we are proud of ourselves, we hope that everyone can instill in themselves, the spirit to always love the country,” she said.

She said the 2C residential area also won the Malaysian Family Community Flag Flying competition under the management of the Tawau Information Department which was judged on August 14 recently.

A resident, Salmah Joe, 49, said she and other residents took two weeks to beautify the 2C residential area with Jalur Gemilang decorations to ensure that the spirit of independence could be felt by residents of all ages.

“We make bamboo arches, decorations like this to create a spirit of patriotism among the residents, especially young people so that they know and realize the importance of National Day, it is important for young people now,” she said and hoped that such a program could be held every time National Day is celebrated and Malaysia Day

Azlansah Palari, 49, said that such activities not only increase patriotic spirit, but also strengthen neighborhood relations after the residents worked together to prepare the gate decorated with the Jalur Gemilang for two weeks.

“Me and some male residents, went into the forest twice to collect bamboo, we made this bamboo gate at night until 1 in the morning, during the day we worked, we left the idea of ​​decorating the gate to the women.

“Thank you to all the 2C community, without everyone’s cooperation, the gate would not stand, there would be no Jalur Gemilang decoration, this activity could be carried out well because there is a sense of goodwill,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tawau Information Officer, Azuary Abdul Azis said the celebration of the National Month and the flying of the Jalur Gemilang in this district is very encouraging in every area.

“The construction of the Jalur Gemilang gate as well as the decoration in the residence in Lorong 2C Taman Semarak proves that the community in the area is inclusive and practices the concept of togetherness as well as being grateful for the blessing of the country’s independence that is now being enjoyed.

“Things like this are elements that make up the Malaysian Family and indeed the spirit of the Strong Malaysian Family is evident with the success of the residents in beautifying the area at the same time fueling the patriotic spirit,” he added.

According to him, the Tawau Information Department hopes that every level of society realizes that flying the Jalur Gemilang in every National Month is a sign of love and affection for the country of Malaysia.

source – BERNAMA


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