“It’s him that brought me into this industry” – Alyah revealed

“It’s him that brought me into this industry” – Alyah revealed

SINGER Datin Alyah revealed that the late Ridzuan Hashim had a family relationship with her and was the first person to help her artistic career around 2001.

Alyah, 42, said that Ridzuan had also written the lyrics of a song called Kita Adalah Kita at the beginning of his appearance as an artist.

“I’m not sure how our family is related. All I know is that the deceased is a relative on my deceased father’s side. We haven’t seen each other for a long time.

“But Arwah was one of the important people when I first became a singer. It was Arwah who brought me into this art industry.

“Even my late brother once told Ridzuan to take care of me and he considered me like his younger sister.

“The late Ridzuan is one of the writers of the song Kita Adalah Kita that I used to sing at the beginning of the first appearance,” she shared.

Alyah was found during Ridzuan’s funeral at Al Muttaqin Mosque, Batu 16, Dusun Tua Hulu Langat, yesterday.

Alyah added that she was surprised by Ridzuan’s passing because she never knew about his illness when she last met before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I lost contact with the deceased for a long time until we met again about three years ago.

“I didn’t expect him to go quickly because I myself didn’t know he was actually sick,” she added.

Ridzuan or Mohd Ridzuan Hashim, 62, died of a heart attack on Thursday morning after collapsing while having breakfast at his residence in Bandar Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.


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