‘It’s better to just stab me than slander like this’ – Jasmin Hamid

‘It’s better to just stab me than slander like this’ – Jasmin Hamid

ACTRESS Jasmin Hamid asked netizens not to continue spreading slander against her husband, Nazmir Abd Rahim who was ridiculed as the cause of her heart attack and was rushed to hospital and detained at the CCU ward last Tuesday.

Jasmin said she had never been to pay attention to netizens ’‘ evil ’comments before. However, what is seen on social media is perceived as inappropriate and she as a wife needs to come forward to defend her husband.

“Stop slandering me and my husband, it’s better for you to just stab me than slander like this.

“So far I have never cared about such comments. However, I have to speak out because I feel sorry for my husband, ”she said through a live broadcast session on the TikTok application recently.

Meanwhile, Nazmir through Jasmin’s Facebook update admitted to marrying his wife for God’s sake and asking the public to respect his wife who is still receiving treatment at the hospital.

At the same time, Nazmir also thanked the people who always prayed for his wife’s health and well -being.

“For those who do not stop praying for Jasmin, we thank you very much and return the good prayers for you.

“To those who say use my emotions, leave it to God,” he said.

Earlier, Nazmir via Instagram Jasmin told that his wife was admitted to CCU due to a heart attack.

For the record, besides Jasmin, Jasmin’s younger brother and also her late mother also have heart problems.

source – Gempak


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