‘It’s been a year Ayash. I can’t give a touch like a mother’ – Shuib

‘It’s been a year Ayash. I can’t give a touch like a mother’ – Shuib

SATURDAY celebrated the birthday of the youngest celebrity couple Shuib and Arwah Siti Sarah, Ayash Affan.

“August 6, 2022 will be Ayash Affan’s one year anniversary. Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar”

Sharing about his current life, it turns out that this former Sepahtu group member is still trying to get back up after losing his beloved wife.

“Let me die first, because I’m not willing to face it. But God is Mighty.

The father of four also expressed his feelings when faced with the question that his youngest child will ask ‘where is my mother’ one day.

” One day Ayash will ask. On the day of Sarah’s departure, I thought about this question.

“Only now I have to do the best for the children, their education and their lives.

“If I can give a touch like a mother, my boys need a touch from a mother. I can’t wear a hijab like her mother. That’s me losing, all I can give, anything! It ‘s just that part of the mother’s touch I can’t give to the children,” he said again.

This Bubble Bee entrepreneur had time to leave a message for his beloved youngest son.

“May I be a good child for my family and be protected by Allah SWT always. Amen.”

The late Siti Sarah breathed her last on August 9 last year due to COVID-19, three days after giving birth to her youngest child, Ayyash Affan.

Apart from Ayash, the deceased left behind three other children, namely Uwais Alqarni, 11, Dzahira Talita Zahra, 9 and Ariq Matin, 7.

source – Pa and Ma


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