It started from the back of the house, now SugarBomb has spread its wings to Indonesia

It started from the back of the house, now SugarBomb has spread its wings to Indonesia

The famous fragrance brand SugarBomb recently came to Surabaya, Indonesia, stealing the attention of many including netizens there.

Its founder, Ahmad Azhari Rosli or Boss A, along with five other representatives of the entourage, seemed to signal that the brand was trying to expand its wings to the neighboring country.

It includes the shadow of the brand about to open its first branch in Surabaya soon to prove that the desire is not just nonsense.

DISCUSSION on bilateral cooperation between J99 Corp and SugarBomb

Citing a video uploaded on his social page, Boss A excitedly expressed his gratitude to the owner of the company of various branches of business in Indonesia, namely J99 Corp, Gilang Widya Pramana or better known as Juragan as a pioneer in the path of extended business.

“Thank you to the J99Corp team and Mas Juragan for accepting our visit to their factory.

“Pray for the cooperation between the two countries between Malaysia and Indonesia to be established and successful. Amen,” he wrote on IG and TikTok.

DANANG Dwi Yuanto (management representative of J99 Corp) and Boss A (right) had time to exchange souvenirs…

However, the media reportedly will continue to try to get more information from Boss A about this intended effort.

Even the entry uploaded by Boss A on his Instagram (IG) page and his TikTok account last Saturday was also quickly pushed with various assumptions and requests from many people including people from the other side.

SugarBomb’s strongman, Boss A or his full name, Ahmad Azhari Rosli.

The links and were also bombarded with comments that wanted to ask more about the follow-up of the trip and the collaboration.

“There is (yet) no plan to open a space in Pekan Baru,” said one of the direct message requests from the owner of the Instagram account @dianfarida from Surabaya who seemed excited about SugarBomb’s presence in Indonesia later.

Examining the entries uploaded on Boss A’s IG, he was also quickly asked to share about tips for success in business by some of his followers from other countries because he is no stranger to being known as one of the young entrepreneurs who are an inspiration to many people out there.

As a related country, Boss A and his own business network understand the situation of Indonesians who always look forward to job opportunities for survival in addition to positive support for Malaysians in any cooperation, especially in the economic sector.

Accompanied by prayers and a mission to bring the brand to rise, including in the country of the republic, the hashtag #PastiBisa used by the popular entrepreneur through his IG Story upload seems to signal that this brand will make more surprises in Surabaya soon.

Of course, not only perfume products, SugarBomb also actively manufactures several other products such as hand sanitizer and air freshener.

In fact, this October, SugarBomb seems to be starting to dare to release a product with a new concept that certainly has its own commercial value and exclusivity.

Success after success obtained by this brand should be used as an inspiration to the public, especially young entrepreneurs.

BETWEEN screen displays of messages received by Boss A from Indonesians

There is no success that betrays effort. Then Boss A’s efforts will always come forward to help provide job opportunities and create a history of success through SugarBomb products in line with the brand’s mission to strengthen the Malaysian economy by offering lucrative business and job opportunities for Malaysians towards a sustainable and strong economy.

This fragrance brand business is also quite inspiring because it originally only started from a small office space at the back of the house in Shah Alam, and then was able to own a fragrance factory and warehouse with an area of ​​1.21 hectares or 3.0 acres in Meru, Klang.

The brand under SugarBomb Worldwide Sdn Bhd which is headquartered in Bandar Bukit Raja, Klang was established in 2017 and has 200 employees.

Recently the brand unveiled its new product on their official IG page with the concept of ‘Pinktober’ along with the hashtag #SUGARBOMBCAREFORYOU.

source – wilayahku

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