It needs its own act, stop making art children like ‘stepchildren’ – Zed Zaidi

It needs its own act, stop making art children like ‘stepchildren’ – Zed Zaidi

The act also needs to cover the issue of artist royalties which can be used as an alternative as pension money for industrialists.

KUALA LUMPUR : The art industry of the country needs its own act to preserve the welfare of artists even though the matter has been fought for a long time.

According to the President of the Malaysian Artists Association (Seniman), Zed Zaidi, the entertainment industry has also become part of the country’s economic contributor, but local artists are still likened to ‘stepchildren’.

“We are called an industry but in terms of guarantees it does not exist so we hope that the new Minister who also has a pulse as a child of art understands this situation.

“Why can the Party Jump Act be approved in just a few months when we (the art industry) who contribute to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) but still do not have the act…we are seen as ‘stepchildren’ even though the industry is still continuously contributing to the economy,” said Zed.

He said this in the New Government Monitor program published by Astro AWANI on Friday.

He added that the issue has been debated for decades, but until now there has not been any positive development.
In addition, the effort covers the issue of royalty payment which is also an alternative to be used as pension money for industrialists.

Speaking about the challenges in the future, Zed stated, the entertainment industry is indeed still thirsty for job opportunities and policies that are constantly fresh, especially after the country has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the evaluation of the industry is still in the past, causing the production of quality products to be difficult and unattainable.

“Sometimes, if we make a drawing in a certain location, someone charges a higher fee while the production party still pays a lower amount.

“So, how are we going to get good quality at a more reasonable price when the problem of drama production in terms of price is still at an old notch,” he asked.

What was voiced is a fundamental problem, however, if it still fails to be resolved then the development of the art industry will be stunted, he said.

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