It is Wings’ turn to enter the Petronas Philharmonic Hall on July 15

It is Wings’ turn to enter the Petronas Philharmonic Hall on July 15

Which land has the Wings not explored with their music and soul. Already a handful of places, regions and travels Wings bring songs and their love for the art world.

There is already a lot of land and air to listen to their hit songs that are not hot on the hot deck, not weathered by the rain.

However, to add to the portfolio, another concert will be listed in the list of Wings concert locations and this will witness a different and ‘ enhanced ‘ performance from Wings.

Datuk Awie’s energetic vocals accompanied by perfect music with Black, Eddie, Sham and Edrie Hashim will sing at a very prestigious location, the Petronas Philharmonic Hall (DFP).

Brought to the Fabulous Friday list series organized by Shiraz Projects Sdn Bhd, Wings will meet the fans on 15 July 2022, Friday at 8.30 pm.

Fabulous Friday is a music event organized by Shiraz at the Petronas Philharmonic Hall, Kuala Lumpur, and Wings is the opening artist of this event which is scheduled to take place every month with a selection of local and foreign celebrities.

For Shiraz who is the CEO of Shiraz Projects, collaboration with Wings in a prestigious location and known for its delicious sound system is his party’s dream.

“We all know that Wings has traveled all over the place with their songs and performances that the fans are always waiting for.

“It is an honor and excitement for us to collaborate with this legendary group to deliver a show with a different aura and concept at DFP.

“Certainly fans can’t wait for the Wings in the atmosphere of the DFP space that we know provides a different calm and ambience .

“Wings sure warmed the DFP room!” Shiraz said.

The song selection factor will be a challenging moment to make the list in the DFP show and for sure Wings will come up with a show that will be another historic memory for Wings fans in particular.

Shiraz Projects is grateful to PENJANA, KKMM and MyCreative for their support because without their support it is difficult to perform concerts at a time when the new industry is gradually recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tickets priced at RM650 (Meet and Greet), RM375 (Diamond) and RM250 (platinum) can be obtained from 16 June 2022 at

source – Gempak

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