‘It is destined to happen’ – Ummi Nazeera was exposed while attending an open house

‘It is destined to happen’ – Ummi Nazeera was exposed while attending an open house

ACTRESS Ummi Nazeera informed that she was infected with the COVID-19 virus since a week ago.

Through Instagram Story, Ummi did not rule out the possibility of getting an infection after attending the recent Aidilfitri open house.

“I have attended open house invitations and adhered to standard operating procedures (SOPs) including wearing a face mask without shaking hands with others.

“However, when having my meal, as usual I took off my face cover.

“Maybe It is destined to happen,” said Ummi who underwent self -quarantine at hes residence which has entered the seventh day.

Ummi is thankful the outbreak did not infect other members of her family especially her children.

“The husband and two children were not infected. It all started after a head feeling dizzy and dizzy for a long time.

“I also experienced other symptoms such as fever, sore throat, head, ears and body besides persistent cough,” he added.

Meanwhile, through the partnership of her husband, Dr Izzar Anwari she took over the task of managing the house and their children while his wife was undergoing isolation.

“My beloved wife has been infected with COVID-19. It’s because of this festival.

“Alhamdulillah, the children and I now have no symptoms. Ummi also has mild symptoms. Fortunately, I am vaccinated.

“Isolation alone in the room watching K-drama. I have to take care of the children.

“Let’s all pray for my wife to recover soon, as well as to have more sustenance and a happier family.

“But no, tomorrow is the last day my wife wants to be isolated. Then on Saturday I can continue partying outside,” he said.

Dr Izzar also advised the public to remain vigilant and adhere to isolation methods if infected with the virus.

In fact, advising the public not to create a stigma of fear for former COVID-19 patients.

*source – Gempak


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